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Here is your first TIP from me. If you don't have a mailing list of potential customers/clients, focus on building a list.


I started affiliate marketing in 2007 with the objective of living the life of my dreams. If I had known then, what I know now about list building, I could have avoided a few nightmares.  

For years, I heard "the money is in the list," but I was never really motivated to focus on list building, until I stumbled upon this one seldom talked about fact regarding mailing lists. Here it is. AN EMAIL MARKETER MAKES ON AVERAGE ONE DOLLAR PER MONTH PER CUSTOMER ON THE LIST.

Translation: If you have ten customers on your list, you should be making ten dollars per month from your list. If you have a hundred customers on your list you should be making a hundred dollars per month from your list. If you have a thousand customers on your list you should be making a thousand dollars per month from your list.

After reading that statistic, for the first time I realized the value in list building, and my brain immediately went into overdrive. I needed to build a mailing list. But how? Even if I had a mailing list, I needed something to sell. I didn't have a list and I didn't have anything to sell.

I needed an established affiliate program, that was already making a ton of money, that paid at least 50% commissions in residual income and built a list for me at the same time. After a lot of research and some costly trial and error, I found the right program for me. I set a goal to build a list of one hundred thousand names. 

When I first started building this list, even though there are plenty of free traffic sources, I committed to investing one hundred dollars per month to have paid traffic sent to my affiliate link.

If you don't know what traffic is, traffic is potential customers. These customers visit my affiliate web page with my goal being for them to sign on to my mailing list and purchase what I'm  offering. If the customer doesn't purchase what I'm offering right away, I send them a series of followup emails with the intent that they WILL eventually make a purchase.

A hundred dollars per month in traffic was what I could afford at the time. I chose paid traffic over free traffic because paid traffic can be scaled and free traffic can not. For example, for a hundred dollar budget I was averaging 20 new customers per month. If I wanted to get more customers per month, I simply increased my budget, That's scaling. You can't do that with free traffic.

Since you're reading this, you've signed on to my list. Thank you again. Your presence here is truly appreciated. You are a valued customer. And yes, my goal is for you to make a purchase from me, but not just any purchase, but a purchase that will bring VALUE to your life and possibly enable you to live the life of your dreams too. More on that later.

I invested one hundred dollars in traffic the first month, and twenty-two customers signed on. I didn't make any sales. I invested another hundred the second month, and during the middle of the second month I made forty-two dollars in sales. I know that doesn't sound like much, but that was HUGE for me at the time. I was finally making money online.

I also had seventeen more customers sign on to my list, during that second month. That increased my list of customers to thirty-nine, along with the forty-two dollars in sales. DO YOU SEE IT? 

I MADE A DOLLAR FOR EVERY CUSTOMER ON MY LIST. In fact I made a little more than a dollar per customer. AND it was RESIDUAL INCOME. That means I receive, on average, one dollar for every customer on my list, and I receive it month after month, year after year, like clockwork.

It took me nearly five months to get 100 customers on my list. But because I was averaging one dollar per customer per month, in month six my traffic paid for itself and it kept growing. By month ten, I increased my traffic budget to two hundred dollars per month without taking any additional money out of my pocket. My list paid for my traffic.

Fast forward. The money I earn monthly from my list pays for all my traffic AND puts money into my bank account, while my list continues to grow on AUTO-PILOT, and I live the debt free life of my dreams.

Now if you're interested, I'm going to show you how I do it, and how YOU can do it too, on auto-pilot.

I'm going to send you to the same affiliate program that I use today to sell the top money making affiliate products and build my list at the same time. Below is a link. It's not just any link. It's a link that can add value to your life and make dreams come true. I encourage you to click on it. 


Blessings And Much Success To You,

Ernest Johnson
Affiliate Marketer