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My Phone Room founded by J. Joshua Beistle "The Attraction King," launched in August 2009. This top paying affiliate program offers 3 levels of subscription services: Classic, Pro, and Executive. This service contacts all of your prospects for you. You just provide the names and numbers from any variety of sources, and the service does the calling.

For example, a prospect goes to your squeeze page or website and puts in their name and phone number. This action triggers a response from a live operator at the My Phone Room headquarters. The operator then calls the prospect, often times while the prospect is still on your website. The operator builds credibility for you and your business, because your prospect sees that you have a professionally run business, with your own personal staff. The operator then calls you on a three-way and introduces the prospect, who by now is already pre-sold.


  • There is no fee to sign up as an affiliate in this program.
  • There are some restricted areas in the back office which are only available to affiliate/users but there are still enough marketing tools to effectively sell the service. By affiliate/users, I mean those affiliates who also subscribes to the service. For example, an affiliate who subscribes to the Classic service is called a Classic Affiliate.
  • Affiliate commissions are generous. However, affiliate/users are paid more depending on their level of service (Classic, Pro, or Executive). A summary of those rates are outlined below under compensation.
  • Marketing tools including banners, YouTube videos, and pre-written emails are provided.


  • Commissions on Affiliate sales are earned by selling the service. Amount of commission is determined by which level of service is sold (Classic, Pro, or Executive). Affiliates who do not subscribe to the service are paid $97 for each sale regardless of the level of service sold.
  • Classic Affiliates (those who subscribe to the service at the Classic level) earn $100 on each of their first two sales of Classic, Pro, or Executive, and then $200 for each subsequent sale.
  • Pro Affiliates (those who subscribe to the service at the Pro level) earn $100 on each of the first two Classic sales and $200 on each of the first two Pro and Executive sales. All subsequent sales earn $200 for each Classic sale and $400 on each Pro and Executive sale.
  • Executive Affiliates (those who subscribe to the service at the Executive level) earn $200 for each Classic sale and $400 for each Pro sale. Executive Affiliates earn $400 for each of the first two Executive sales and $800 for each subsequent Executive sale.

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