platinum mastermind

With the Platinum Mastermind you get access to over 20-days of customized live training that will help you scale your business to 7-figures (and beyond) by investing and protecting your assets. Enjoy a tropical retreat while you learn from the most brilliant investment and asset protection minds on the planet though a core 5-day training program and additional advanced summits that cover prosperity mindset, real estate, precious metals, stock market and asset protection.

Here’s a Sample of What You Might Learn at Platinum

  • Several easy and completely legal tax-saving strategies that allow you to potentially keep 15-35% more of your money.
  • How to “legally move” your money to safe, foreign locations, so you can keep more of what you earn.
  • The secrets of wealth attraction, including the concepts you need to internalize to get over negative subconscious ideas about money.
  • How to build wealth through passive cash flow from apartment buildings and other real estate investments.
  • How to get guaranteed fixed rates of return of 16% to 36% with U.S. Tax Lien Certificates (and how to roll returns into your self-directed IRA to build a tax-deferred “nest egg”).
  • How to use the “value investing” method to get 10% returns on the stock market without having to read charts every day.
  • How to protect your wealth with the safest asset in the history of mankind … precious metals (and how to find reputable dealers and avoid scams).
  • How to rollover funds from your IRA into a new precious metals IRA and keep your bullion in a private storage vault.
  • How to “reprogram” your mind for success, and approach everything in life with a prosperity mindset.
  • And much, much more …



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