What Are Residual Income Affiliate Programs?

Residual income affiliate programs are by far the most sought after money making opportunities in the affiliate program industry.

Residual income is that payment which is made by the affiliate program to the affiliate every time a predetermined action repeats itself, with no additional effort from the affiliate. For example, an affiliate sells a monthly subscription for web hosting to a subscriber and receives a commission from the web hosting affiliate program for doing so. Thereafter, the affiliate receives a commission from the web hosting affiliate program for each month the subscriber maintains the web hosting subscription. The affiliate made one sale and received a commission and then gets additional monthly commissions indefinitely.

A lot of membership programs work the same way. Affiliates invite members to join. The members pay a monthly membership fee, and the affiliate receives a residual commission for as long as the member remains active.

Residual income affiliate programs are definitely a way to go for anyone who wants to maximum income with the least amount of effort.

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