Be A StopGrow Affiliate

StopGrow is a natural hair inhibitor, and as an affiliate, every time you send a referral to the StopGrow website and your referral makes a purchase, you earn a generous 30% - 50% commission, up to $120 plus upsells on all qualifying sales made, plus 5% of the total sale price on every commission earned by any affiliate you've directly recruited.

It's free to join. No personal website is necessary. No inventory to maintain. No membership dues or maintenance fees. Be your own boss. Work from anywhere in the world.

If you've used StopGrow and you like it well enough to tell your friends about it or if you're simply looking to make money, this page outlines the product, the affiliate company, and the affiliate benefits.

StopGrow And Who Can Use It

StopGrow has been formulated for men and women age 21+ who want to shave and wax less and show more of their hair-free physique. It's clinically proven to reduce unwanted body hair by up to 69%, reducing hairiness on any part of their body, be it the face, arms, back, or somewhere more private.

There are no guarantees that every person using this program will be able to successfully stop their hair growth for sure. Hair growth and stopping hair growth depends on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.

When Your Customers Use StopGrow, They Can Expect:

  • Gets body hair at the root
  • Reduces future growth
  • Works for bikini line, arm pits, legs & more
  • More gentle than depilatory creams
  • Works on all pigments & thickness
  • Reduce body hair where ever you choose
  • Long-lasting results
  • Works on all colors of body hair
  • Natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals
  • Cuts down on need to shave or wax

Individual results may vary

What's In It?

Active Ingredient: Decelerine® (3.0%) In Clinical testing, Decelerine reduced the frequency of shaving or depilation in Legs Up to 82%

Active Ingredient: Telocapil® (2.0%) In clinical testing, Telocapil reduced body hair in 93% of study participants after about 2 months.

Active Ingredient: PilisoftTM LS 7590 (1.0%) In Clinical testing, body hair follicles were inhibited By 69%.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Jay Cutler 4 Time Mr. Olympia
2006, 2007, 2009, 2010
Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion

"As a professional bodybuilder, I can tell you that every detail matters. When you're out there in front of the judges, under the bright lights, there's no place to hide. Everything shows, everything counts.

I've worked very hard to build the physique that earned me dozens of prestigious bodybuilding titles, including the IFBB 2006 & 2007 Mr. Olympia Champion, IFBB 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Mr. Olympia Runner Up, and IFFB 2002, 2003 and 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion. But I've also made sure to give myself the competitive edge by having healthy-looking, completely hair-free and smooth skin. This is a huge advantage. I get these great results with a super product called Stop Grow™.

Ever since I swept the Nationals and launched my pro career in 1996, I've wanted to present the total picture of great body and great skin. But one of the issues all bodybuilders struggle with is hair removal – so I was very happy to discover Stop Grow.

This is a really revolutionary product that actually changes the texture and appearance of body hair, reducing the amount of hair growth and transforming hair to nearly invisible and superfine. The skin stays healthy and smooth because you're far less likely to experience razor bumps or irritation when the hair is so much less coarse and noticeable to begin with.

With continued use, I've reduced body hair to be very insignificant. In my recent competitions, I've become known not only for a fantastic physique, but also for my excellent skin tone and unusually smooth hair-free body. I feel that Stop Grow™ has been a great help in the competitive arena.

The only product I know for hair reduction and refinement is Stop Grow. It transforms, reduces and makes the texture of unsightly hair almost baby-fine.

Whether you're a competitive bodybuilder or just a guy who wants to look his best, this is a great solution."

Try It Out First?

To experience StopGrow for yourself  go here. or order by phone at 1-866-621-6884. Be sure to provide the product identification code 129771 to the sales agent.

Be A StopGrow Affiliate

The affiliate company for StopGrow is Sellhealth is the #1 sexual health affiliate program in the world. Along with StopGrow, offers a wide array of health related products in which affiliates may earn commissions . These include general health products, anti aging products , acne treatment systems, hair loss systems, digestive health systems, and adult male and female sexual health products.

SellHealth has recently launched the premiere shopping cart site for herbal supplements, Natural Health

SellHealth is  committed to educating their affiliates in the latest Internet and affiliate marketing strategies, and providing their affiliates with top-flight tools and marketing collateral to promote their products

SellHealth firmly believes in investing in their affiliates success. They know that investing in the success of their affiliates is investing in their own success.

Friendly, responsive customer service. Real people with real phone numbers to answer your questions and your customers questions.

North America toll free at 1-866-662-6886 or International at 1-604-677-5365, between 6 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time, 7 days a week (excluding holidays). Reference code 129771 when calling.

StopGrow Affiliate Benefits

  • It's free to join. No website is necessary.
  • As an Affiliate, every time you send a customer to the StopGrow website, and the customer makes a purchase, you earn a generous 30% - 50% commission, up to $120 plus upsells on all qualifying sales made, plus 5% of the total sale price on every commission earned by affiliates you've directly recruited.
  • Affiliates can choose bi-weekly or monthly payment by check, Wire Transfer, PayPal, or Paxum.
  • Commissions are paid out on fax, phone, and mail orders – not just Web. So when your repeat customers fax, phone, or mail in orders, you earn the commission.
  • SellHealth regularly adds new products,  giving fresh opportunities to target new niches (or, extract more income from the vertical market you may already be pursuing).
  • Besides aggressively marketing its products, the company provides its affiliates with excellent training and marketing tools which include a variety of banners and links for each product, as well as websites, articles, and website templates for each product.
  • The tracking technology keeps up with sales and affiliates. Besides the web, it tracks and records all those fax, phone, and mail orders.
  • The affiliate contract clearly spells out the agreement between you, the affiliate, and SellHealth, the company.
  • A dedicated Affiliate Support Team is always available by email and phone.
  • Accurate real-time statistics provided 24/7 on every sale you make.

For more than a decade, the SellHealth affiliate program has been helping tens of thousands of affiliates earn substantial commission incomes each month with their targeted lineup of natural health products.

Remember as an Affiliate, every time you send a customer to the StopGrow website and the customer makes a purchase, you earn a generous 30% - 50% commission, up to $120 plus upsells on all qualifying sales made, plus 5% of the total sale price on every commission earned by affiliates you've directly recruited.

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