Top Affiliate Programs and The Questions You Should ask about them

Everybody wants to participate in top affiliate programs and why shouldn't they. After all why settle for less than the best. However, before you say "I do," here are a few things you should ask yourself about a program and its products or services.

1. Does the program have an excellent product or service which is marketed with honesty and integrity?

2. Can the program deliver the product or service as advertised, within the specified time? Nobody likes delayed orders, damaged goods, or services that are substandard.

3. Does the program have a solid track record of growth?

4. Is the product easy to advertise and sell and does the company provide the necessary marketing tools, including a system for tracking advertising, sales, and commissions?

5. Is the commission favorable? Top programs will pay competitive commissions, in order to attract and maintain good affiliates.

6. Does the sale generate residuals? 

7. Is there a written contract between the affiliate and the company which clearly spells out the agreement and legal redress of both parties? 

8. Are the payments for commissions accurate and delivered on time? 

9. Is the support from the company to the affiliate and the affiliate's customers prompt and courteous? 

10. Is the product or service relative? Top affiliate programs stay current with market trends and technology and phase out products with depreciating value by replacing them with products of higher demand. 

A Google search is a great way to find out just about anything you want to know about a company. Check them out before you say "I do."