What Companies Offer Affiliate Programs?

What companies offer affiliate programs and how to find them? There are thousands upon thousands of affiliate programs and new ones launching everyday. To find them are relatively easy. First you must decide what type of affiliate program interests you. Are you into health and fitness, books and art, dating, education, automotive...?

Let's say you're into health and fitness. Do a Google search on "health and fitness affiliate programs." Your search will look something like this:

Notice under results, there are about 5, 220,000 results for the search term "health and fitness affiliate programs. Don't worry, there are not nearly that many health and fitness affiliate programs. Those are just pages of information for that search term.

The next thing is to read the titles and descriptions that catch your eye, and then click on them. You're looking for something that piques your interest.

Try a search of your own. Be sure to include the words "Affiliate Programs" with your search. Just click the X to the right of the search bar when you finish.

There are some things that you should know in general, when searching for what companies offer affiliate programs.  Like everything else in life, good companies will have a certain set of qualities and characteristics that separate them from the mediocre ones.  Read the short article on "Top Affiliate Programs and The Questions You Should Ask About Them."  This additional information should help you choose wisely.

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