Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where affiliates promote the product or service of a Merchant's business in exchange for either a percentage of the sales they generate or a specified amount for each lead generated.

Affiliate marketing is usually the next step after an affiliate signs up with an affiliate program.  After signing up, the affiliate must market the product or service in order to receive the agreed upon commissions and benefits from the affiliate program.

Every affiliate program has an objective or desired action in mind. That desired action can be to make a sale, take a survey, get subscribers, solicit viewers, or a host of other things.

The goal of the affiliate is to accomplish the desired action of the affiliate program. The affiliate does this by promoting the product.

Affiliate Marketing Uses Various Means of Advertising

Affiliates promote products in many ways. Most use their own websites (the Affiliates') to drive traffic to another website (the Merchants'), to initiate the desired action.

The affiliates accomplish this by posting text links, text ads, and banners on their websites that link to the Merchant's website when a visitor clicks on any of them. Some affiliates use e-mail, blogs, google ads, Craigslist, Twitter, FaceBook, flyers, business cards, YouTube, radio, television, and just about any other marketing technique imaginable, in order to get a customer to perform the desired action of the Merchant.

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